Season 1: Road to the World of Web3

This time, our Season 1 is open to all who are fans of racing games and want to experience the new speed. There are lots of exciting rewards on the line, so keep an eye out for them!

To join RaceFi Season 1, you just need to:

  • Create an RaceFi account and connect to your wallet on

  • Buy and Deposit $RACEFI into the game

  • Purchase your own car to start the race

( Deposit $RaceFi and buy RaceFi car here:

What we have in this Season

  • Extensive NFT collections

In RaceFi game, more than 30 NFT Cars will be revealed over the course of 10 weeks. Players can get their own NFT Car by purchasing on RaceFi Marketplace or win from our special event before and throughout the season.

Nissan GT-R, Honda Civic Type R and Porsche Cayman 718 will be the first 3 NFT collections to go on sale in RaceFi Marketplace this season.

  • Various game modes

Like the previous Open Beta version, in this season, players can experience 2 main game modes: SinglePlayer Mode and MultiPlayers Mode.

However, we also have some changes and upgrades with more challenges for these 2 modes to ensure that players will still have the most energising and stimulating racing experience!

After meeting all the required conditions, you can start your journey exploring RaceFi world and take part in a wide array of events to earn fascinating rewards:

1. Compete for the Racing Leaderboard

In this season, we will be giving away 1M $RACEFI to the TOP 2000 ranking players in RaceFi leaderboard.

  • How it works:

Ranking is based on the total amount of RaceFi Points (RPs) earned per player — players can earn RPs by racing and winning for the top place of each race. Race fast, earn hard. The faster you are, the better your rank!

  • Racing Leaderboard rules:

- To enter the Racing Leaderboard, players have to own at least 1 car to start the race.

- About ranking, if 2 players have the same number of RPs, the player who reaches first will be ranked higher.

- To receive reward, at the end of Season 1, players who have rank on the leaderboard need to own at least 1 car and have made at least 1 top-up transaction.

- If any hacking or cheating is detected, we will automatically cancel your results

2. Invite friends and earn rewards in Referral Program

This event will be an opportunity to invite your friends racing with you and earn a reward of $5 for each successful invite. To join RaceFi Program, you need to follow these step:

  • Step 1: Log into the game, get the Referral ID and sent to your friends

  • Step 2: Your friends after receiving the Referall ID, will enter the code into the textbox for the first time logging into the game

  • Step 3: Players who enter your Referral Code and complete the quest of 5 times racing in SinglePlayer Mode will be counted as 1 successful Referral.

Also, we have some notice for you:

- Referrer will only get 1 reward for each successful one.

- At the end of the season, if the Referrie does not complete the task, the referrer will not receive the reward.

- Tokens received in the Referral Program will not be withdrawn.

- This token will be used in racing events as a token to deduct the participation fee.

3. Create your own Racing Club

RaceFi Racing Club reflects a miniature society right inside the RaceFi world and creates competition between Clubs. This feature allows you to create a strong team with your friends to race together and get the top spot to earn rewards.

You can decide to join an existing Club or create your own through the “New Club” function. The rankings of each club will be determined by the number of points that club members have accumulated while completing missions.

At the end of season, clubs that make it to the final TOP 5 on the club’s leaderboard will be rewarded. And those clubs’ members will also be distributed based on their dedication points in the club.

Please remember:

  • Each club can only have a maximum of 20 members

  • Players who have left the Club after 24 hours cannot join other Clubs and also cannot create a new Club.

  • The player’s dedication points after leaving the Club will be reset and will not be added when joining another club.

  • While the award giving period is in effect, players who leave the Club will not be distributed.

4. Unlock Racing Pass package

In this feature, you will complete a series of various required missions to get a chance earning valuable gifts from the developer.

There will be 2 packages in Racing Pass: Standard and Premium. Standard package is free and you will not need to pay any fee to buy and play. About the Premium, this is a paid package and you will need to spend an amount of $RACEFI to unlock it.

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