Referral Program

1. How can I join Referral Program?

To become the Referrer and earn reward, players need to follow these steps:

Step 1: To receive a Referral ID, referrer needs to download, log into the game and get the code in the Referral section.

Step 2: Referrer will send this Referral ID code to other players, who will become their referrie.

Step 3: For the first time logging into the game, the referrie will enter the Referral ID code into the Referral textbox and press Submit.

Note: The referrie must enter the referral ID the first time they log in to the game

2. How can Referrer get the reward?

- Players who become Referrie will have to complete the quest of 5 times racing in SinglePlayer Mode.

- With each Referrie completing the quest, the referrer will receive a reawrd of $5.

*RaceFi-ers, please remember that:

- Number of Refs are unlimited

- Referrer will only get 1 reward for each successful Ref.

- At the end of the event period, if the Referrie does not complete the task, the referrer will not receive the reward.

- Tokens received in the Referral Program will not be withdrawn.

- This token will be used in racing events as a token to deduct the participation fee.

- This token is used for all networks.

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