The game mode for all riders wanting to enjoy racing with friends and other riders around the world.

Conditions of participation :

  • User must link wallet => connect

  • User has at least 1 car in wallet

  • Game mode does not require paying fee to play.

How to play?

  • Players enter multiplayer from the Home screen.

  • The player select the car class and the racetrack want to race in the multiplayer screen. If the player chooses nothing, the system will automatically select the car and racetrack for the player.

  • Players press FIND to find the match and press OK to confirm participation

  • At the car lock screen, the player proceeds to choose the type of car he want to use in the race. If the countdown time expires, but the player has not locked the car, he will be kicked out.

  • The match will start when all the members in the room have locked their cars.

Note :

  • When choosing a car, users will not be able to see other users' car models

  • The match will be canceled if no user locks in the car.

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