Token tutorials

There are many ways to earn more Tokens in RaceFi.

Trading in game NFTs

To earn token, players can buy, sell and trade in-game NFTs on marketplaces. You can earn tokens by selling rare or valuable NFTs you have acquired through their gameplay.

Playing Single player to earn Token

Players will directly drive and control their cars and overcome challenges along the road within a limited time to win the prize. To join this mode, players need to pay an amount of fee to start the race and the reward will include other players’ fees as well. Players who take the top spots on the leaderboard will be rewarded.

Joining RaceFi Tournaments to earn Token

It is a tournament where players compete against one another for incredibly alluring prizes. Players must register their race cars in accordance with the competition’s rules in order to take part. Those who have the highest overall score and have not broken any regulations will receive prizes.

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