Friend Referral

You can invite your friends to play the game and get rewarded.

What is Friend Referral?

Friend Referral is a function to refer friends to play RaceFi.

The Referral screen displays:

  • Number of tokens the referrer received

  • Referral ID

In addition, there is a Referral Friends (Refs) list to manage the refs process

Wallet address / Refs name

The referral process completing the task

It is an in-game event that takes place when the game is released

The event is available for a period of time

The Refs are unlimited.

How to join?

  • Players who download the game and log into the game will receive a Referral ID displayed in the Referral Friend section

  • Players refer this Referral ID code to other players.

  • Other players after logging into the game for the first time will enter the referral ID code in the Referral textbox in the Profile section and press save to save the data.

Note: The referred person must enter the referral ID the first time they log in to the game

How to get the reward?

  • Players who become Refs will have to do the quest of 5 times racing in Single Player or Multiplayer. (You can play both mode with the matches total is 5)

  • With each Ref completing the quest, the referrer will receive $50.


  • Referrer will only get 1 reward for each successful Ref.

  • At the end of the event period, if the Ref does not complete the task, the referrer will not receive the reward.

  • Tokens received in the Referral Friend function will not be withdrawn.

  • This token will be used in racing events as a token to deduct the participation fee.

  • This token is used for all networks.

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