Racing Club

1. What is Racing Club?

RaceFi Racing Club reflects a miniature society right inside the RaceFi world and creates competition between Clubs. This feature allows you to create a strong team with your friends to race together and get the top spot to earn rewards.

2. How can I create a Club?

Each club can only have a maximum of 20 members, and you can decide to join an available Club or create your own one through the “New Club” function.

To create a new club, click the “New Club" button and then choose your Club's name and slogan. After that, a new club with you as the owner will be created.

3. Club's Ranking

The ranking of each club will be determined by the number of Dedication points that club members have accumulated while completing required missions.

At the end of season, clubs that make it to the final TOP 5 on the club’s leaderboard will be rewarded. And the members of those clubs will also be distributed based on the ranking of their dedication points in the club.

4. Users kicking mechanism

  • The club’s owners have the right to kick a member out of their club

  • If the club's owners want to kick any member, they need to have over 50% approve votes from other members of their clubs. In 24 hours, if the number of votes can not exceed 50% of the total number of members in the Club, that member cannot be kicked.

*To join Racing Club, you need to notice some reminders:

  • Players who have left the Club after 24 hours cannot join other Clubs and also cannot create a new Club.

  • The player’s dedication points after leaving the Club will be reset and will not be added when joining another club.

  • Club’s Points will not be lost when the player leaves the Club

  • While the award giving period is in effect, players who leave the Club will not be distributed.

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