Racing Pass

1. What is Racing Pass?

Racing Pass is a seasonal gift bundle in RaceFi, players will have to complete various types of missions, accumulate points to unlock valuable rewards once they level up!

This season will offer players 2 packages of Racing Pass, which are Standard and Premium. Each package will have its specific Racing Points (RPs) milestones that the player needs to achieve and the gifts of each milestone will also be different.

The key feature of Standard Package is that players complete required mission milestones to earn RPs to level up and collect in-game rewards for free.

On the contrary, Premium is a paid package and players need to spend an amount of $RACEFI to unlock, start doing missions and earn exclusive rewards.

2. What reward will you get in Racing Pass?

This feature will have various valuable rewards which include RACEFI token, License plate, Nitro effect and especially NFT boxes.

However, NFT boxes are the exclusive rewards for Premium one that users will choose in advance which car box they will get when all the mission milestones are completed.

For those who unlock the Premium package, they will be able to select one Mystery box from among 5 regular boxes and 1 supreme box. For the regular Mystery box, players can only open 1 type of car of each box, while the supreme box will have 5 types of car at the same time.

3. How to join Racing Pass?

About this feature, players have to complete required missions to accumulate RP and they will receive the associated item when they reach the required number of RP points for that level. Each day, if players complete all the missions required in Racing Pass, they will get an extra 50 RPs

Note: At the end of Season, if players don’t receive their required items, they can not get it anymore when the season is closed.

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