Racing Leaderboard

1. What is the Racing Leaderboard?

It is a ranking of the player’s racing achievements. In RaceFi, achievement is shown by RaceFi Point (RP) which is converted by playing SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer then getting top rank.

Racing Leaderboard gains competition between players, where players prove their high level through ranking position. In addition, high β€” ranking players will also win attractive gifts from the game publisher.

To enter the Racing Leaderboard, first of all, players have to own a car to start the race. If not, you will need to purchase on RaceFi Marketplace. After completing the buying step, you can start racing and win the race to earn RPs

2. How to count the points?

Players after joining the race in SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer modes will get RPs under the following conditions:

- Players who finish the race the fastest will be added RPs

- Players ranked last in the race will have RP deducted

- The lowest points is 0, if the player reaches 0 point, losing will not be deducted RP.

- At the end of each season, the leaderboard will be reset to 0.

Points add and subtract will be based on the rank in the race and the total number of participants in that race.

Table of RP addition and subtraction formula:

  • For SinglePlayer Mode:

  • For MultiPlayer Mode:

3. How to know your rank?

There are 3 rankings that players can follow:

Racing Leader: The overall leaderboard, including the total points from the SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer modes.

Single: A ranking of the number of RP a player has achieved after playing SinglePlayer.

PVP: Ranking of the number of RP achieved after playing MultiPlayer.

Players with high scores will be ranked higher. In case, players have the same amount of points, the player with the fewer total matches will be ranked higher.

4. How to get rewards?

The Racing Leaderboard is ready to restart in the upcoming Season 1 and will close after 10 weeks running, players will join the races and compete for the ranking position.

A prize pool 🎁 of 1,000,000 $RACEFI token will be awarded to TOP 2000 excellent players, and it will be distributed as follow:

  • TOP 1πŸ†: 30,000 $RACEFI

  • TOP 2-10: 5,000 $RACEFI each

  • TOP 11–200: 1,500 $RACEFI each

  • TOP 201–1000: 750 $RACEFI each

  • TOP 1001–2000: 40 $RACEFI each

πŸ“Note: To receive reward, players who have rank on the leaderboard need to own at least 1 car and have made at least 1 top-up transaction.

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