RaceFi Marketplace is a place that you can freely trade NFTs of the game. We are now having many luxury collections of cars waiting for you to choose.

Welcome RaceFi - ers! You can open RaceFi Marketplace for more details through the RaceFi Portal.

Features of the marketplace:

There are lots of cool features in our marketplace. To ensure the quality of the marketplace, we are going to launch the marketplace in three phases:

Phase 1: Users can buy and sell NFTs with $RACEFI tokens

Phase 2 [COMING SOON]: Potential real estate, NFTs collection mechanisms for trading and auctions

Phase 3 [COMING SOON]: Renting NFTs

Benefits of owning NFTs

RaceFi always makes sure to bring the best experiences to our racers. So when you own our NFTs, you will gain a lot of benefits such as:

  • Earning profits through trading NFTs on RaceFi marketplace and some partner marketplaces.

  • Owning NFT Car Collection is a condition for participating in the game

  • Organizing or joining clubs & tournaments in the game. You can open your own club when having the necessary number of racers and car types.

  • Satisfy your desire to collect super beautiful and rare items

And many other benefits are waiting for you!

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